Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Things I Don't Mind To Be Called As A Pro-Life Activist

There's a lot of talk of us dirty, horrible, #theliteralworst pro-lifers these days, and people are coming up with all kinds of fun names for us! I think they're supposed to be insulting, but nonetheless, here are five "alternatives" to "pro-life" I really don't mind being called (not to mention, have trouble finding 'offensive'):

1. Pro-Birth
This one's a favorite of mine, because I am pro-birth. I think everyone should have a birthday. I freakin' love birthdays. They're the best!

I am a firm believer that every human being should experience this "right of passage" from life in the womb to life as a member of society, so to speak. This passage from special, singular care to being snuggled and pinched and adored for our chubby little cheeks and ten little toes. Birth is amazing. I am very pro-birth.

2. Anti-choice
Let's be honest and just admit that this means "against the choice to have an abortion." I am against that choice.

Now, you could say "Oh, but it gives the impression that we're against ALL choices." No it doesn't. Literally everyone who hears this term in context knows exactly what it means. We are against the choice to kill little humans. Duh.

3. Pro-fetus
I am undoubtedly pro-fetus, if by this you mean I think they're amazing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, and deserve to live and exist. I am very pro-fetus, pro-baby, pro-child, pro-adolescent, pro-woman, and pro-man, not to mention pro-the-elderly. People are fantastic. Humans are great. Yay for humans at all stages of development!

4. Anti-abortion
Uh-derrrrrrrr. I'm pro-life. I'm against abortion. Alternatively, you could say I am anti-abortion. Duh.

5. Extremist
As the fabulous folks at Secular Pro-Life would say, "Call me an extremist, but I think dismemberment is wrong."

To be completely honest, I think we need more extremists, and I'm not talking about the kind who kill abortionists in their churches or bomb abortion facilities. That's not activism; that's using an ideology you don't personally hold (um, it's called pro-life; that kind of prohibits intentional killing) to carry out violent fantasies. Nothing about that is healthy or sane, or pro-life.

What I'm talking about is our desperate need for more people to take the issue of pro-life activism seriously. Talk about abortion. Don't hide from the fact that it kills humans. Don't make exceptions as if some babies are more worthy of life than others. Be brave enough to engage others in rational, charitable discussion. Don't let it consume your life, but do let it become a priority.

Babies are dying. And if abortion is ever going to be made illegal, it's peaceful extremists who are going to get the job done. I would be honored to be counted among them.